Payment Instructions

•Instructions for paying your nonrefundable Enrollment Deposit through eBill can be found Take The Next Steps - College of Charleston ( *

*Note this is for Undergraduate and Bachelor of Professional Studies students. 

• eBills are available exclusively through MyPortal. Students can login using their user ID and password, Authorized Users can also access the student bill in eBill using the unique user ID and password. The online bill reflects the student’s current registration and billing information. The eBill system is "live" and students can verify that all fees are satisfied before the payment deadlines.
• If your fees change for any reason after your initial payment is made (i.e. housing adjustment, meal plan addition, change in schedule, etc.), it is the student’s responsibility to ensure prompt payment of the balance is made. Login to MyCharleston to view your current charges and payment status.

•Instructions for paying your nonrefundable Enrollment Deposit through eBill can be found Take The Next Steps - College of Charleston ( *

*Note this is for Undergraduate and Bachelor of Professional Studies students. 

For step by step payment assistance, please see our eBill tutorials 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding billing

1. How will I receive my bill?
The eBills will be sent to all pre-registered students through the Cmail email account and any Authorized User’s email address established in the eBill system. The instructions for adding an Authorized User in the eBill system can be found at: Adding an Authorized User

2. How can I access my eBill?
Students can access eBill through MyPortal.  Parents and Authorized Users can access eBill through the Authorized Users Portal

3. How can I pay my Nonrefundable Enrollment Deposit?

  • Go to MyPortal
  • Use your CofC credentials (your CWID) as the username –  without MyCharleston is the only site where you’ll log in with the first half of your CofC credentials, without 
  • Select the MyAccounts tab, scroll to the bottom and click the link that says Log onto eBill account. (Click on the button to Open my eBill Account.)
  • In the new pop-up window, select Deposits at the top, then select the term you’ll be entering CofC.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the Undergraduate Deposit. (The system will prompt you to submit the $400 tuition deposit. This officially confirms your spot in the entering class.)

4. What if I have a third party paying my balance, such as a State Pre-paid Tuition Plan, Military Assistance, Social Services Assistance, etc.?
Once the eBill is received notify the Treasurer’s Office as to the type of assistance you will be receiving and the amount. Verification will be required by faxing an award or eligibility letter to 843.953.5573. More information regarding third party payers can be found Third Party Payers - College of Charleston (

5. How do I enroll in the payment plan?
Once the tuition statement is received you are given an option to enter MyPortal (students) or eBill (authorized users). Select the payment plan tab. Follow the prompted steps until you have received confirmation that the payment plan as been set-up properly. The payment plan will divide the remaining balance into automatic scheduled payments and add a one time $40 fee. For more information about payment plans, see

**Please note: Payment plans will recalculate your payment schedule once financial aid monies (loans, scholarships, grants) are applied to the balance due. Please be sure to note the expected payment due on each new eBill. If you register after the first due date, your first payment is due immediately. Additionally, any change in classes, meal plans, housing, etc. will also alter the expected payment for payment plans.

6. Can I pay by credit card or check online?
Yes. Both eBill and MyCharleston provide options for paying online with credit/debit cards or checks. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards. There is a 2.95% convenience fee each time a credit or debit card is used online. **Note: we can only accept credit or debit card payments online or in person.

7. What if I do not pay my bill on time?
It is imperative that all due dates are abided by. Failure to pay the balance due (whether paying the entire balance or the first payment of the payment plan) will lead to cancellation of the student’s schedule. Although a student can re-register if their schedule has been cancelled, there is no guarantee that the same classes will be available. This could delay an anticipated graduation date.  Student accounts that are not current are subject to holds (registration and transcript) and late fees.

8. What if I have questions about my bills or payments?
The Treasurer’s Office can be reached at 843.953.5572 or by e-mailing us at Our hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.*

*Our walk in office hours for payments is Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm.