Treasurer's Office

**Special Announcement**

Per the S. C. Governor’s directive on March 15, 2020, the College of Charleston has implemented a modified schedule to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19).  While our office is not currently open our staff is working remotely and is available to help you.

We are not able to take  your call at this time,  however if you email  we will respond to you shortly.   Any questions regarding billing, payment plans, due dates or general account questions should go to

For questions regarding legal residency and refund requests, please contact Brea Roy at

For questions regarding Marketplace or prepaid tuition programs please contact Ellie Conlin at

For questions regarding Perkins loans, please contact Mike Parrish at

For questions regarding past due balances or collections accounts, please contact Dean Revels at

Thank you for your patience.  


The Staff of the Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office of the College of Charleston is dedicated to helping students and their families in the pursuit of their academic goals by providing accurate information and payment options. The three primary support service areas for students, parents, faculty and staff are: 

Accurate billing of student charges and those resulting from other users of College services, ensuring payments and credits are received and properly applied to each customer account in a timely manner.  These transactions represent the operating revenue of the College.

The Legal Residency Office is part of the Treasurer's Office and is solely responsible for the determination of residency status of students for tuition and fee purposes.  For more information, see

Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection manage outstanding balances and pursue collection of delinquent student and third party accounts to include Perkins and Baruch loan funds. 

The office is charged with the responsibility of collecting and depositing all College funds in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, and internal policies and procedures; ensuring the security of billing and payment transactions, both physical and virtual.  Accurate billing is important as it reflects the operating revenue of the College, timely receipt affects accounts receivable and cash flow. 

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STUDENTS: View your eBill and all financial information by signing in to MYCHARLESTON.

AUTHORIZED USERS: View eBill and all financial information by signing in to eBILL.

**We recommend the use of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to view the eBills, if using Google Chrome some functionality of eBill will be lost. Please note that iPads and iPhones will not properly access eBill.**