Semester Installment Payment Plan

General Information

The College of Charleston is pleased to offer students enrolled at the College automatic scheduled payment plans to finance the cost of Academic Fees (including lab and matriculation fees), Housing and Food Service Costs over the period of a semester. (The plan may not be used for May/Summer sessions.) The plan is offered exclusively by the college and replaces any past plans including promissory notes. The plan is offered as a service to the student, allowing the student to finance education and related costs over the period of a semester. The payment schedule calculates the balance remaining after financial aid is applied; financial aid funds, such as loans, scholarships, grants, etc. are not recognized as payments toward the payment plan. Students may still elect to make full payment at time of registration.

Automatic Payment plan schedules and due dates can be found, by semester, at

Questions about the Plan

Who may enroll?
Students at the College of Charleston whose academic and other fees total $200.00 or greater.

How does the plan work?
Each semester you enroll in the payment plan, and schedule automatic payments to pay on the due date.  For the plans that are offered through eBill for each semester, please refer to the Billing Schedule

***You must sign up for a payment plan prior to the semester due date.

The remaining payments will be processed as automatic scheduled installments from your saved credit card, checking or savings account profile at approximately 12pm on the due date. This plan also expires at the end of each semester and must be renewed for the following term.

What costs can I finance with the plan?
All academic fees (including lab and matriculation fees), housing and food service costs may be included in the plan. Excluded costs are parking, bookstore, late fees, Cougar Cards, and other miscellaneous cost at the College.

What is the cost of the plan?
The plan is interest free. The college does assess a $40.00 one-time administrative Payment Plan Fee each semester to offset the additional cost of record keeping and billing.  The Fee is calculated in the installment amounts.  

What if I am receiving financial aid?
Any financial aid received or awarded through the College must be used toward computing the amount financed through the installment payment plan. The payment plan is for the balance remaining after the application of financial aid funds.

How do I enroll in the plan?
Once the bill is received through the email, use the link for “MyPortal (students)" or "eBill (Authorized Users) ". Once you are in eBill, click on “Payment Plans”. On that page, you will see the option to divide the balance into the five, four, three, or two payments. Choosing the automatic scheduled payment option will immediately set the payment schedule on the student’s account and charge the initial fee.

**College of Charleston reserves the right to refuse payment schedules based on past performance.

What if I become delinquent?
The College will assess late fees equal to 3.75% of the balance due for payments not received as scheduled. Further, the college reserves the right to assign your delinquent account to a collection agency and you will be responsible for all collection fees, any additional attorney fees and court costs.

If a hold has been placed on your account for a missed payment please notify the Treasurer's Office immediately so your hold can be cleared.  It will not automatically clear your holds.

Checks returned by the Bank will result in removal from this plan with the entire amount becoming due and payable.

How can I make my payments?
Payment can be made through eBill or MyPortal using an e-Check or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). Payments may also be mailed to the Treasurer’s Office at:

College of Charleston Treasurer’s Office
66 George St.
Charleston SC 29424

Payment can also be made in person at: 170 Calhoun St (next to the Chapel Theatre) during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.).