Adding Authorized Users/Changing Information

Adding Users and Updating Information

Instructions for adding additional users to eBill

  1. The student should sign on to MyPortal using their College of Charleston ID (Email Address) as the ID. ***Note: The eBill Links outside of MyPortal are for Authorized Users only***
  2. Once you are signed on, click on the eBill tile. Once you are in eBill, select “Authorized Users” on the upper right side of the page.
  3. Enter the email address of the new user(s) and select “Add New User”. The new user will receive an email asking them to come up with their own password. Their sign on will be their email address and their own password. eBills will automatically be sent to all Authorized Users. You can add as many authorized users as you would like.

If an Authorized User needs to change an email address, please:

  1. Sign on to eBill using the original email address and your password.
  2. Click on "My Profiles" at the top of the page once you are signed on. This will allow you to change to a new e-mail address.

If saved credit card or bank information has changed, please:

  1. Sign on to eBill as the user who originally changed the information.
  2. Click on "REFUNDS" at the top of the page. Then click on "Payment Profile". A drop box will appear with the saved information. You can either edit the saved information or delete it.

Instructions for setting up direct deposit refunds:

  1.  The student must log on to My Portal (This option is only available under the student MyPortal login.)
  2.  Select the tile for eBill.
  3.  Your eBill will open in a new web browser. The eBill will not open if you are using Google Chrome, Safari, or if you haven’t removed your pop up blocker from this site.
  4.  Select the eRefunds Tab.
  5.  Select the Set up Account link. Fill in all blank information and click continue.
  6.  Read the terms and conditions that follow and check the box next to “I agree”
  7.  Click continue.