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Charges 2014-2015

Per Semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer)

2014-2015 Undergraduate Graduate
Full-time fees (12 Hours or More)   FALL AND SPRING ONLY
Total In-State



Total Out-of-State $13,774 $15,152
Part-time Fees (Less than 12 hours and SUMMER)



Out-of-State $1,148/credit $1,263/credit
Part Time Fees  (Fee Breakdown Below) $15 Total $15 Total
                      **Activity/Health Fee (Part Time) $5 $5
                      **Registration Fee (Part Time) $5 $5
                      **Library Fee (Part Time) $5 $5
Technology Fee (Freshman Full-time) $130
Technology Fee (Freshman Part-time) $11 per hour
Technology Fee (Upperclassmen Full-time) $170 $170
Technology Fee (Upperclassmen Part-time) $14 per hour $14 per hour

Library Fee (Freshman Full-time)


Library Fee(Freshman Part-time)

$2.50 per hour

Library Fee (Upperclassmen Full-time)

$60 $60

Library Fee (Upperclassmen Part-time)

$5 per hour $5 per hour


                                                                      Undergraduate Graduate
Laboratory Fees
                       Biology $75 $75
                       Chemistry $125 $125
                       Geology $75 $75
                       Physics $75 $75
                       Astronomy $75 $75
Computer Science Lab Fee $60 $60
Language Lab Fee $35 $35
Applied Music Fee                  
                       ½ Hour Course $225 $225
                       1 Hour Course $450 $450
Studio Arts Fees (“Arts” Courses) $30 $30
Psychology Lab Fee $75 $75
PEAC Course Fee $20 $20
ATEP Course Fee $65 $65
EXCS Course Fee $75 $75
Science and Math Fee for Teachers $50 $50
Photography Course Fee $40 $40
Anthropology Course Fee (ANTH 439) $15 per credit $15 per credit
Anthropology Course Fee (ANTH 336) $50 $50
Ice Skating Fee $260 $260
PE/Health 202 Lab Activities $125 $125
Outdoor Education $300 $300
Sailing Fee $90 $90
Golf Fee $35 $35
Scuba Fee $85 $85
Horseback Riding $360 $360
Standup Paddleboarding $200 $200
Coastal Kayaking $250 $250
                                                                      Undergraduate Graduate
Application Fee – Electronic $50 $50
Application Fee – Paper $50 $90
Orientation Fee $75 $45
Convocation Fee $15                        
Graduation Fee $25 $25
Graduation Application Late Fee $25 $25

Transcript Fee

$12 $12
Transcript Fee- Electronic $10 $10
Duplicate Diploma Fee $8 $8
Additional Fee for Fax $5 $5
Math Placement Fee $25
Contract Courses      $140
Out of State Differential       $200
Special Project Contract Courses                                                    
                       3 Hour Course        $150
                       Out of State Differential        $240
                       2 Hour Course          $100
                       Out of State Differential           $160
                       1 Hour Course         $50
                       Out of State Differential          $80
Study Abroad Fee (Fall and Spring) $50 $50
Study Abroad Fee (Summer) $150 $150
Teachers Cadet Fee (High School) $50                       
Audit Fee (Per Credit Hour) $440 instate/$1,148 out of state $484 instate/$1,263 out of state
High School Dual Enrollment (Per Course) $450
Summer School Drop Fee (Per Course) $250 $250
Senior Citizens Registration $25 $25
Duplicate ID $10 $10
Payment Plan Fee $40 $40
Returned Check Fee $30 $30
Late Payment Fee 3.75% 3.75%
MBA Program Fee        $10,200
Reach General Program Fee Instate $16,000     
Reach General Program Fee Out of State $24,000      
Reach Residental Support $3,300          
Reach Life Skills Instruction $1,600       

Counseling-Non-Cancellation Fee  (Per Appointment)

$25 $25

Per Academic Year

The maximum undergraduate part-time and graduate fees per student per semester will not exceed the total academic and general fees for full-time students.

Persons 60 years old or older may qualify for free tuition but will pay a nominal fee and course fees.

*SC resident: Students shall be considered residents of South Carolina if they or their parents are legal residents of the state in accordance with legislation of the South Carolina General Assembly. Contact the Legal Residency Office for information and applications. Military persons on active duty stationed in South Carolina and their dependents may be eligible to pay instate fees, but must be approved by the Legal Residency Office.

Cougar Cards

The Cougar Card is the official College of Charleston campus card for all students, faculty, and staff. It is used for identification, security, and access to campus buildings and services. The Cougar Card has many features. Funds placed in the Cougar Cash account can be used for purchases at the bookstore, dining locations, copy center, mail services and Clyde’s Convenience Store. This is a prepaid account and payments are made in Cougar Card Services or the Treasurer's Office. The Cougar Card can be used for campus vending in selected beverage and snack machines as well as library copy machines and printers. Report lost or stolen cards immediately to Cougar Card Services, 953-1100 or Public Safety, 953-5609.
NOTE: The college is prohibited by law from performing bank services and therefore cannot make full or partial refunds of discretionary accounts to students still enrolled in school

Auditing Courses

Persons wishing to audit regular academic courses at the college must pay any special courses fees and full per-credit-hour costs.